bàogào wénxué

[ref dict="Universal (Ch-Ru)"]报告文学[/ref]

Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • 报告文学 — bàogào wénxué [reportage; reportorial literature] 对直接观察或仔细记录的事件和情景作真实而详细的叙述的文学作品, 兼有文学和新闻两种文体的特点 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • journalistic literature — (Jishi wenxue) Journalistic literature is a literary genre that first appeared in popular magazines and literary journals in the late 1970s. The genre is close to, but differentiated from, ‘reportage’ (baogao wenxue). On the one hand, works in… …   Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

  • Zheng Yi — b. 1947, Chongqing, Sichuan Writer Zheng Yi is a dissident writer. He attended the middle school attached to Qinghua University, the originating place of the Red Guard movement. When the Cultural Revolution broke out, he became the Red Guard… …   Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

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